A R Rahman by N Chokkan

Recently I read lot of books written by N Chokkan and mostly they are biographies …. There are few biographies about personalities whom am not interested that much but read those because it was written by N Chokkan. Such an attractive writer he is when it comes to biographies genre.

A R Rahman always fascinated me with his music right from Roja days. And reading about him makes our eyebrows to raise few cms from its usual place. His Oscar award, transition to Islamic religion, passion for music right from childhood days and most of all his down to earth personality… Awesome.

But one demotivating point is that most of these great guys knows their passion and path in early days of their life … Bill gates, Rahman, Ambani and even this Zuckerburg guy who shares the same age as that of me. Its Ok in their childhood days they would have not played games like me ..

This is the first book which I read in Nexus 7. Never before I read ebooks completely, it never gave that experience which a paperback would give. But this 7 inch tab ok to some extent…

Those who want to read this book, its freely available @


Worth reading it …


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